interior doors

The interior doors are essential elements in a house, separate and unite environments but can also become decorative elements.

The interior doors in a house have different functions as hoped environments, lower levels will sound or noise, more privacy and add further aesthetic details.
The inner door consists of several elements:
• door: it opens and closes;
• cover threads: longitudinal elements used to cover the gaps between the frame, subframe and the wall;
• Fixed frame: formed by the cross placed on top and the places uprights on the sides;
• Handle: Full set of data plate with the wing screws;
• Lock;
• hinges: allows the opening and closing of the door, and also allow you to adjust the door height, depth and width, ensuring a good operation;
• seals: they serve to muffle the noise of passage between the various rooms and the one due to the impact on the sash frame.

In the selection of interior doors we can not but take into account the color that the customer opts usually in the purchase of the doors.
From solid wood veneers to natural ones, reconstituted wood, to the materials that mimic wood, but they are not, some of the effects that can have on the doors are:
 Walnut
 Spruce
 Poplar
 Oak (natural or bleached)
 Wenge


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