mosquito nets

With the mosquito choice for home we can not dwell on the type that the customer chooses for its furniture. Below we list the different types:

Mosquito • swing: is an idea for those doors that are essential routes. It is a type of fly screen suitable for those who have an opening of passages for an animal, also closed to fly because the doors it is possible to apply a special small door for the passage of animals;
• Mosquito net fixed panel: are ideal to shield windows and doors that are not open often or that you do not have access;
• insect screen sliding panel: are built with a sliding system laterally or vertically. The various panels overlap one another;
• Mosquito nets large: have a size of up to seven meters in width and three height as balconies and terraces. Widely used in business it is guaranteed by its maximum grip even in the presence of strong wind;
• Mosquito low threshold are the classic fly home as pleated and stretched. The first model is equipped with pleated net, whereas the latter are similar to classic wound with mosquito nets side-scrolling, single door or double room and equipped with a spring system with controlled return that allows you to adjust the degree of opening of the mosquito net.


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