With the entry of the new year there are many customer priority in choosing their furniture:

• energy saving;
• thermal insulation;
• acoustic insulation of the house;
In the choice of frames the windows are of fundamental furnishings for the aesthetic decor of the house. Below you you will find tips according to the latest statistics on the choice of fixtures with any kind of color and effect on the material. Choices characterized by a willingness of the customer impact aesthetic outlined with the desire of quality and trend for your home.
For the material we recommend several options:
Wooden frames, are a widely followed by the customer choice since wood is the material that gives warmth and hospitality environment by customizing your home.
The PVC frames are more economical, practical for their order, resistant and with high acoustic and thermal insulation soundproofing. PVC window frames created are the all-white but can be created in any color with wooden effects of new trend. Most Popular colors are cream-colored, red, blue and green with possible colors and wood grains.
As regards the fixtures in Lecce those in wood-aluminum respectively bind the heat with the practicality and robustness of the aluminum. These fixtures are created for the most demanding and furnish their homes preserving the fixtures from different weather conditions (rain, snow, sun).
When choosing colors for the furniture the latest trends suggest a contrast between the color of the window frames and the walls or floors. The best designers recommend contrasts as:
• bleached wood-colored frames with blue red walls;
• doors and dark windows, wooden mahogany or chestnut are combined better in environments with light walls;
In the choice of fixtures in Lecce the same goes for the flooring. For fixtures in wood color with light tones you can be combined with modern parquet floors contrast shades.


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