Wooden building: the new benefits!

By now it was found that each home or chalet built in natural landscapes use wood as material to be

construction or additions to their homes.

Following the rules in the construction of a wooden building you must be observed to ensure suitability NTC08 seismic building.
One of the main advantages to building with wood is based on the reduction in construction time. The wood is a light material, transportable and handleable and its assembly is made entirely dry with through the use of steel plates, screws, nails and bolts, a technique the same extremely fast.

In terms of sustainability, wood is renewable and recyclable. In the wooden building we are faced with significant energy savings, given that wood is a good thermal insulator. In the construction of shelters, canopies, shading panels and verandas wooden structures have an excellence resistance to seismic actions and the expected fire behavior.
Will pay attention to the durability of the wood with the changing of seasons is important to perform
specific treatments to maintain a most lasting in time


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