Thermally broken aluminium windoW and door frames

Aluminium is a material which combines high thermal and sound performances and design solutions. The company Santoro New studies and produces avant-garde thermally broken aluminium frames, which satisfy the most demanding needs.

Technical specifications:

  • Extrusion aluminium alloy EN-AW-6060
  • Fixed frame with minimum 70 mm depth and movable wing with minimum 78 mm depth
  • Excellent thermal insulation with 18 mm polyamide bars and perfect assembling through die-cast aluminium brackets in the inner and outer part
  • The external profiles of the movable wings are provided with a lower groove to gather the infiltration water and drain it.

Aluminium-wood window and door frames

An aluminium-wood frame is the furniture solution, which combines various elements together, like the solid and long-lasting features of aluminium with the warmth and beautiful elegance of wood.

Technical specifications:

  • The windows and the doors have at least a 71 mm deep fixed frame and a 91.5 mm deep movable wing.
  • The polyamide bars for the thermal bridge are tube-shaped.

To avoid thermal dilatation problems, which are common when you combine two different materials, the wood part is assembled with the frame and later joined with the aluminium part. This joint is made with special synthetic eccentrics, which absorb the thermal dilatations.

The inner finishing might be chosen among a wide variety of colours and types of wood.

Wood window and door frames

Wood is the best material to exemplify the sense of “home” which makes us feel relaxed when we come back home.

Technical specifications:

  • Wood frames with 68x87 wing and 68x80 frame
  • Along the frame and the central part there is an EPDM double gasket for thermal insulation and soundproofing effect. Therefore the wings are perfectly stable and adherent to the frame.
  • The AGB hardware is multipoint, the hinges are recessed and have coloured coverings in many colours: satin brass, bronze and silver. 
  • Types of wood:
  • Pine Finger Joint plywood or solid wood –pine plywood
  • Mahogany Okumè plywood –American white oak plywood
  • Broon Ash plywood (American ash)