Outdoor coverings

Resistant outdoor covering systems

When we have an outdoor area, whether it is conceived for our family or for our business, we may need to protect it with an adequate covering. Whether it is a gazebo, a roof or a simple adjustable awning, the quality of the time spent in the open air will benefit from it.

Santoro New is anyway the best solution to find outdoor coverings in Lecce and its province. The company is famous for selling and installing quality and resistant systems for outdoor coverings.

Platform roofs, roofs, sunbreakers, verandas: there are many ideas to protect gardens, open-air areas, terraces or a balconies.
Every solution for outdoor coverings includes a wide choice of material, to enhance the classic and modern context from an aesthetic perspective.

Protect, delimit and enhance every space

Santoro New boasts a long experience in designing quality outdoor coverings. Protect and decorate with a wood gazebo or veranda, a glass and aluminium winter garden, a glass and iron greenhouse: each of these solutions will perfectly complement your furniture and the context you are in.