PVC window and door frames

An innovative material for quality windows and doors

If you are considering the idea of PVC window and door frames for your house, we confirm that they are an excellent beautiful, functional and sound-proof solution

First of all, consider that the finishing available today for this material is excellent and it is a perfect complement for modern and classic architectures. Just think about the colours and chromatic effects, which range from the brightest wood effects to the opportunity to decorate the inner wings with design textures. Furthermore, from an energy perspective, PVC is an excellent solution, thanks to the heat fusion technique used during the production phase.

Our PVC window and door frames are perfectly sound-proof and thermally insulated and they enable you to save energy and money.

Why would you choose PVC frames :

  • THEY PROTECT YOU FROM THE WIND: also with extreme weather conditions, PVC is a solid barrier against the mechanic power of wind.
  • THEY PROTECT YOU FROM THE RAIN: the draining spaces allow the infiltrations to evacuate and through the heat fusion technique we produce joint-free frames.
  • THEY PROTECT YOU FROM THE FIRE: PVC is a fireproof polymer and its structure slows down the propagation of fire. 
  • THEY PROTECT YOU FROM THE NOISE: PVC is a very good soundproof material.


  • YOU SAVE ENERGY: PVC is an excellent thermal insulator and it is perfect to produce eco-friendly window or door frames (for environmentally-friendly houses). A lower heat or air-conditioned dispersion means saving energy and therefore money.
  • YOU ELIMINATE THE MAINTENANCE SERVICE: PVC does not require any periodic painting and might be cleaned with common neutral detergents.
  • YOU IMPROVE YOUR SAFETY: the natural solidity of the products and the use of burglarproof systems improve the resistance to burglaries.


- The metallic support inside the profile makes the products more stable

- Multi-chamber system for soundproof and energy saving products

- The frame is assembled with the heat fusion technique on the corners

- Double gasket

- The draining system and ventilation holes in the wing and in the frame are covered with plastic lids

- Double anchoring of the locks to make sure no burglaries are possible.

Renovate your house with PVC

Renovating your house with PVC is a successful choice because:

  • It suits all styles
  • The elegance of the WOOD EFFECT of the profiles we use is made with the most natural method
  • No maintenance needed

Certified quality

The PVC we use is certified for its thermal insulation efficiency: thanks to the innovative technique CONTOUR 7.0 it is possible to reach the highest insulation standards in the category, in compliance with the criteria of the innovative eco-friendly buildings.

The company provides all the necessary DOCUMENTS in compliance with the EU norms for:

  • Declaration of PERFORMANCE AND DECLARATION OF COMPLIANCE TO THE ROHS (Risk of Hazardous Substances) directive

Such documents are required if you ask for tax relief in Italy.