Shutter systems

Weather-proof and safe rolling shutter systems and shutters

Santoro New produces shutters in Lecce and province, which aesthetically enhance every building and at the same time protect the indoor rooms from the sun and the bad weather.

A good shutter system should:

  • Have some specific features from a functional and aesthetical point of view
  • Be easy to open and close
  • Have a line and a design, which is a perfect combination with the house where it is installed.

Certified quality

The staff of Santoro New inRacale produces and installs shutter systems for every need with great passion: they are beautiful, resistant and upon request available with burglarproof locking devices. 

The shutters sold by the window and door frame company from Salento, in Italy, are made in PVC or aluminium, but their solidity is certified by strict controls on their quality.

Many solutions for classic and modern buildings

In the province of Lecce, it is known that the sun is the protagonist of almost every day of the year: for this reason every public or private building needs to have an efficient, comfortable and elegant shutter system.

Only the best companies are able to offer a wide range of colours and customizations. Santoro New is included among them and is for sure the most reliable one, not only for the quality of the window and door frames, but also for the skills and the attention for the clients. Its services include the installation and maintenance.